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Model Portfolio Photography Sessions

Guidlines for a new model
Before you read this, I would like to say that we have had great success getting new models from people sending us their material like you are about to. Send me a few pictures or a link to your web page and I promise you that your portfolio will be viewed. If I like what I see, I will contact you for sure. New model without any references or experience have to do three shoots with us for free because the training process takes time.

Contrary to what people think, modeling is not easy. Lots of girls think well I look pretty I’m a model. It’s a lot far from that. A good model needs to know how to pose to. I worked with several “celebrity models” in the past but lots of them even didn’t know how to pose right. To give you the best chance of success, be sure to follow the advice below.


Model preparations before a shoot
Basic preparations are essential for getting good pictures or a great look. I (the photographer) will do my very best to get the best out of a shoot and most of our shoots have taken very long time to plan, so don’t show up all hung-over or looking like a mess. Here is how to be just so beautiful on the day of the event.

Certain elements are out of the photographers reach to influence, and are up to you. These elements that are listed below are things that people take for granted but nevertheless almost always forget. Therefore, take them seriously if you want a good result. If you are a model and have been asked to read this, it is absolutely necessary to follow every aspect.


What is a model release?
A model release is a formal agreement between the model and the famous photographers about usage of the images where the model appears. When a model signs a model release he or she acknowledges that images or movies with him or her in them will be used for commercial purposes around the world.

The images and movies cannot be used for just anything, and the agencies that sell images, known as stock agencies, have a long set of “user rights and restrictions” that protects the model and the photographer from abusive usage of the material. The restrictions are very tight, so abusive usage almost never happens.



A set of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to them.